Through our indoor and outdoor sports events at various venues and our health and wellness programs we believe our veterans will achieve their goals of a better mind, body and spirit. This will result in a successful and enriched life for the veteran and their families.


Sports allow the veteran with cognitive and/or physical injuries to engage themselves in activities that will alleviate stress and anxiety they might have with or without visible injuries. Our sports programs will assist the veteran in building their confidence, self-esteem and leaderships abilities they once had.


Through our hunting, fishing and camping adventures we will help our veterans with building camaraderie and confidence with what the great outdoors has to offer. With our sponsors, outfitters and guided hunts, this is sure to be something special in the lives of our veterans.


Our Health and Wellness Program (HWP) focuses on educating our veterans with a healthy lifestyle by learning nutritional and wellness ideas. We will build a plan and set goals for the veteran with our partners to ensure they improve their lives and live a healthy life.

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